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The primary aim of Kingdom Revelator magazine is to encourage daily reading of the Word of God and to show youth that:

  • The Catholic faith is relevant in their everyday lives.
  • They must choose daily to follow Jesus and let Him be their personal Savior.
  • Jesus is alive; loving Him and following Him daily transforms lives.


  • To be used as a catechizing resource tool in RE programs and in Catholic schools.
  • To serve as a beacon of hope for troubled youth in juvenile homes, de-addiction and rehabilitation centers.
  • To organize retreats that uplift youth and encourage them in their spiritual journey.


  • Kingdom Revelator is a monthly, vibrant, Catholic and evangelistic publication aimed at uplifting teenagers and youth.
  • The magazine is faithful to the magisterium, rooted in Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit through sacred Scripture and sacred tradition of the Catholic church.
  • Endorsed by 7 Bishops!
  • Each issue delivers soul-stirring articles written by clergy and laity, aimed at educating young people about the teachings of the Catholic Church. Articles are compellingly articulated through an abundance of personal testimonies and faith building material. It has a column covering the lives of saints and a Q&A section addressing heresies and relevant questions concerning church teachings, sacraments, etc. 
  • 40 PLUS powerful SCRIPTURE VERSES in each issue.
  • Encourages youth to pray, read the Bible daily and lead a sacramental life, by showing that God can and does intervene in the lives of Christians today and that he can be their guide and protector.
  • Addresses everyday problems and challenges faced by our youth, such as bullying, addiction, sexual ethics and decisions about their future, etc. from a faithful Catholic perspective. This advice packs special punch, since many of the authors are faith-filled young people themselves, who are familiar with the difficult situations facing youth today.
  • Articles are presented in such a way that young people can easily understand and take pointers from them.
  • The editorial board consists of priests and laity well versed in theology and Catholic Church teachings.
  • An asset for parish reading racks, Religious Education programs, Bible study/prayer groups, parish families, prison ministry, juvenile homes, de-addiction and rehabilitation centers, etc.
  • A powerful tool for saving souls!
  • A non-profit outreach - the magazine is available for an exceptionally low cost (Individual subscription of the magazine available at $25/year and bulk subscription (more than 5 copies) is only $1/copy.