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June 2016


Sheril John was at school doing her GCSE exams when she first encountered Jesus on a retreat. This is her story.


The best days of my life were after the Retreat, where I first came to know Jesus personally. It was not because life was any easier but because I had the King of Kings by my side to help me! Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I was never very interested in studying and so I was very bad at it. To be honest, I’m not very smart and by the end of year 10 my grades were really low. But after I came to know Jesus I realised that He could help me in my weakness. I knew that I only had a few months to improve my grades so I asked Jesus to give me His grace to study. By this time I was really trying hard to love Jesus and serve Him and He blessed me greatly in all my exams.


You might ask what that blessing was. Let me explain! Every exam I took, I found that I always got the questions that I had studied for. Taking the exams was a real joy because every page I turned I saw questions that I had prepared for. How cool is that! It doesn’t mean that I didn’t study, in fact I did study hard but I found that I had revised the right topics for every paper. This great blessing continued even after these exams and into my A-Levels! This doesn’t mean that Jesus will bless everyone in the same way but if you are struggling with your studies just ask Him for help. Then keep your eyes open to what He will do.


When you hear some good news what do you do? I’ll tell you what I do. I run round and tell everyone I know about it! This is what happened when I first met Jesus in the Sacrament of Confession! I was awake most of the night and I kept walking around the room repeating “O my days! Jesus is actually real!” So imagine my excitement when I got home and went back to school. My friends noticed an immediate change in me. They asked me why I had stopped swearing and why I was going to the chapel every break and lunchtime. Why did I pray so much now? Why was I kneeling to receive Jesus at Mass? Why was my whatsapp status now about Jesus? Why had I started a prayer group? Why had I apologised to the people I’d hurt and bullied? I wanted to witness through all my actions that Jesus is alive.


I shared my testimony with many of my friends and I started praying for them and for my school. Then the real work of the Holy Spirit began. A few of us had the chance to share with our class how we met Jesus and as a result a Mission was organised for our school. So, that’s exactly what happened! 1100 high school teens came to hear the Gospel because Jesus heard our prayer for them and for their evangelisation! There was a boy at school who I used to pick on. After coming to know Jesus, he was one of the first people I said sorry to for the pain I had caused him. I continued to pray for him and told him about Jesus at every opportunity. A few months later he told me that he now believed in Jesus!


After the Retreat where I met Jesus, I knew that I was returning to an environment that had not changed and there would be as many temptations to sin as before. But when you experience true joy you don’t want to exchange it for a fake temporary one. So I began praying for the grace to say no to sin. I have struggled and fallen many times because I am weak. But because Jesus was so merciful to me, I found myself being able to say no to the sins that I was once enslaved to. I have found the ultimate source of joy and that is Jesus. I continue to pray for this grace and Jesus continues to help me to say no to sin and yes to holiness.


Friends, as you can see, Jesus transformed the life of the joy that she received from Jesus with Sheril and she was able to share her whole school. So, we are asking you to be bold and approach your school chaplain, head teacher or principal to ask if it is possible to hold a School Mission in your Primary or Secondary School. the Marian School mission team, (part of Sehion UK Ministries) can come to your school to share the Gospel message with all the pupils and staff. The team are also available to conduct retreats for Confirmation groups and First Holy Communion children in parishes, so please approach your parish priests too. 
The Marian School mission team is headed by fr Soji Olikkal and includes young gifted speakers who will share their testimonies and passion for Christ. The team is committed to the evangelisation of young people and can run missions both in the UK and internationally. For more information please e-mail: or phone Sunil James on 0044 7861 625444. 
Please also pray for the team and their work with young people. Thank You. 
The Marian School Mission Team