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"I was in prison and you visited me." (Matthew 25:36b)
The mission of AFCM KR Prison ministry is to reach out and share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ among all inmates within prison yards of the United States. We firmly believe that there is no life too troubled not to be transformed through the infinite love and mercy of Jesus Christ. We believe that all people are God's creation and have their own inherent dignity. This means that everyone should receive the same respect and honor, so we focus on the goodness of those people impacted by crime and incarceration. Through these small acts, lives will be eternally transformed forever. 

As we all know, inmates of juvenile homes and prisons have ample time to read. We are pleased to provide Kingdom Revelator magazine to every prison, join the inmates in prayers and encourage them to read. As a result, the prisoners can use their imprisonment period as a time to reflect, turn their lives around and seek to live a life faithful to Jesus Christ.

If you think you can work for this mission to evangelize US prisons and juvenile homes, please join our group of volunteers.

Your donations to this cause go a long way in maintaining the mission as well as promoting new opportunities in evangelization. Please visit our "Donate Now" page for details.